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What is Student at Law?

Student at Law is a registered legal education & research organization and a legal web resource. We are working extensively to foster awareness and knowledge amongst law students & the legal fraternity and seek to become the best legal web resource and educational institute in India.


What is this Online Certificate Course on International Environmental Law?

We believe the name says it all. This is a completely online, five weeks course on International Environmental Law. All course material will be hosted online including assessments and quizzes. However, a Certificate of Completion bearing the final grade will be sent to the participant’s Registered Address once the course is concluded. Please click here to know more about the course. 


Will you send us a hard copy of the Certificate?

Yes, a Certificate of Completion bearing your course Grade will be sent to your registered address once the course is concluded. We currently avail the services of DTDC to dispatch the Certificates.


When will the course start? 

The course will commence as per the dates provided here. The course has been designed keeping in mind the busy schedule of the participants and thus offers immense flexibility and ease of use.


How to register? What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is Rs. 2,500/-. We accept all major debit/credit cards and have over 20 banks for netbanking. You can also register by sending us a demand draft. Please click here to register.


Why is it that the draft is payable at Kota, but is to be sent to an address in Faridabad?

Student at Law currently operates out of two locations: The Kota Office handles Education Operations (Hello! It is the Indian education hub! ) and the Faridabad Office handles Administrative Operations (It is after all strategically situated in the NCR!) including sorting demand drafts, sending confirmations, etcetera.


How will I know that my Demand Draft has successfully reached you?

You will get an e-mail confirming your registration within 3 working days upon receipt of your demand draft by us.


Why should I do this course?

We are glad you asked this. International Environmental Law, as you know, is one of the most dynamic fields of International Law and both developing and developed countries are playing a pro active role in its formulation and development. Countries are in constant pressure to adhere to International Environmental Laws and policies and require professionals to bridge this wide gap between policy formulation and their implementation. At the moment, there is a worldwide need of lawyers, consultants and researchers working in the field of environmental law. This course equips you with a comprehensive knowledge of International Environmental Law and will thus definitely provide you an edge over your contemporaries in the legal profession.